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 Expel waste material from your body

Most diseases and illnesses are usually caused by accumulated waste material in the body.
According to Ayurveda the human body is made up of Panchtattva or five elements - earth, water, fire, air and space. These elements keep the body healthy. When either of these become weak or defiled by the waste material they produce, we fall ill. Each element has a specific work that leads to the formation of a certain kind of waste. If this waste remains in the body, it causes diseases. It is, therefore, imperative to expel waste products from the body.

The waste of the five elements

By relieving yourself in the morning, you throw out waste material from the body. Excreta is waste produced by the element earth. Urine is refuse discharged by the element water. After relieving yourself in the morning, practise yoga asanas, pranayama or other exercises to keep your body fit and discharge carbon dioxide or waste material produced by the element air. Similarly, bad and offending heat of the body, which is waste material of the element fire, is washed away with a bath. The waste material of the element space - negative thoughts - is dispelled from the body when we are peaceful and calm and think positively.

Diseases from waste

If the refuse of the element earth is not expelled, it leads to constipation, indigestion, gas, loss of appetite, belching, obesity, piles, blood impurities, skin diseases, fatigue, depression, joint pain, headache, weak eyesight, diabetes, high blood pressure, hair-related problems, nocturnal emission and impotency. If the refuse of the element water -- urine -- remains in the body, it increases toxic substances causing diseases of the kidney and bladder. If a person doesn't bathe, the refuse of the element fire is not expelled. It causes lack of freshness, burning, itching in the body, foul sweat, skin diseases, loss of appetite and reduces immunity. If one doesn't do asanas, pranayama or other exercises, waste matter of the element air will remain in the body and cause respiratory diseases, asthma, cardiac problems, skin diseases and kidney disorders. If you choose to be agitated and negative, the refuse of the element air will lead to negative thoughts, tension, worry, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, anger, insomnia, mental fickleness, dissatisfaction and inflated ego. So to ensure a disease free body, prevent waste matter from remaining in it.

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