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Gout refers to a certain form of inflammation of the joints and swelling of a recurrent type. Although chronic in character, it occurs in acute attacks. It is a disease of the wealthy and chiefly affects middle-aged men. Women after menopause, are also sometimes affected by this disease.

Causes and symptoms:

An attack of gout is usually accompanied by acute pain in the big toe, which becomes tender, hot, and swollen in a few hours. It may also similarly affected other joints such as the knees and wrists, and some times more than one joint may be affected at a time. This is a painful metabolic disease resulting in inflammation and chalky deposits in the joints due to disturbance of the purine metabolism in the body .In ayurveda this is known as vatarakta, Impairment of digestion and metabolism because of the intake of mutually contradictory food articles and non- elimination of the metabolic waste products from the body are responsible for the causation of this disease.

The characteristic features of this disease are the involvement of the big toe in the beginning. Which becomes acutely painful and swollen.

Gradually, other joints are involved and the patient experiences difficulty in walking , talking and even moving.

Herbs used:

Garlic (Allium Sativum) :

In Russia garlic is used extensively in the treatment of rheumatism and associated diseases. Even in Britain, garlic is recommended for rheumatism afflictions. Recent experiments in Japan tested a garlic extract on patients with gout and arthritis with large number being benefited without any undesirable side effects. Its anti- inflammatory property accounts for its effectiveness in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism. 

Ghrita kumari (Aloe vera):

Indian aloe is useful in lumbago, sciatica, gout and rheumatism. The pulp of one leaf is taken daily for relief.

Rasna (Orchidaceae): 

The root of the plant is found Effective in inflammations, rheumatic disorders, osteoarthritis and allied disorders. It has been used for indigestion also.

Nirgundi (Verbenaceae):

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis were treated with the plant and encouraging results obtained. Nirgundi decoction has been used for steam bath for arthritis or joints pains. 


Freshly harvested rice and wheat should not be given to the patient. Old rice, wheat, moong dal, garlic, onion, bitter gourd, papaya and green banana can be taken by the patient. High fibre diet is the best diet for this disease. Butter, Milk and high protein diet will be avoided , and any other sour articles of food, heavy food articles and fried things are prohibited

Life style: 

The patient should not perform any fast paced exercise. Patient should not sit idle either. Exposure to cold wind and rain, and cold-water bath are strictly contra-indicated. Oil massage is beneficial

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