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Breast Care

A buxom and full breast line is a symbol of feminine beauty. A female becomes aware of the beauty of her breasts as soon as she steps out of her adolescence and attains youth. Although shapely breasts are the gift of nature their maintenance is in your own hands. Timely care since early adolescence when a women is in her formative years can help in keeping the breast line attractive.

A girl gets rapid body changes between twelve and fourteen years of age when breasts start showing. Between fourteen to eighteen they develop fully. The breast develops rapidly at puberty in response to circulating hormones produced in the ovary - especially oestrogen.  Throughout a woman's life the breast is in a constant state of flux under the influence of hormonal stimulation. 

However some times growth is stunted due to hormonal imbalance congenital defects or deficiency of nourishing diet.

The monthly menstrual cycle causes the breast glandularity to increase. The breast also undergoes considerable change during pregnancy and breast feeding (lactation).

Actually, the essence of a beautiful and healthy bosom is firm healthy breasts. Do not neglect your breasts because regular care today can vastly improve the appearance of your breasts tomorrow. Examine them regularly for lumps and bumps, as this will enable you to detect any problems early and avoid complications later.

Weight reducing diet combined with regular exercises will help you to reduce your weight as well as you bust size. Exercise tones up the muscles on which the breast tissue lies.

Apart from the exercises, which we have already, mentioned swimming is a superb exercise for bust shape. It exercises the breast muscles considerably against resistance of the water and this really can do wonders to your shape.

An easy exercise for study breasts is as follows: 

Stand straight with arms dangling on your sides. Raise each arm above head and turn round alternately. Repeat ten to fifteen times. Some have under developed breasts while some have too large breasts. Many married women have a peculiar problem with one breast being smaller than the other. It is because of suckling the child more on one side than the other. Even some unmarried women develop this trouble. However this is not a matter of concern if you have smaller breasts massage them with herbal oils.

Some herbal supplements are very safe to make breasts larger by massaging.

A Guide to Breast Self Examination (BSE) :

By doing BSE, you get to know how your breasts look and feel so you can see any changes that may appear. BSE is one way you can do something about your own health.

When should I check my breasts ?

  • Check your breasts once every month.

  • Breast Self Examination (BSE) should be practiced at the same time every month. The best time is a couple of days after the end of your period, when your breasts are less tender or lumpy.

  • If you no longer have periods choose a particular day such as the first day of each month to check.


Use the flat part of your fingers, not your fingertips, to feel each part of your breast. At each part you feel, circle firmly with the flat of your hand.

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Breast support :

Breasts contain fat and glands but no muscle. Therefore it's important to prevent the ligaments, which provide natural support, from overstretching. Good support, especially during exercise or when playing sports, prevents the breasts from drooping. A well fitting bra with the correct cup size provides good support.

Midwives advise on breast and nipple care, breast support and breast feeding during pregnancy and after childbirth. Remember, your breasts may go through many changes which are entirely normal at this time.

Always ask your midwife or family doctor if you have any questions or are worried about anything.

Lifestyle :

A woman's lifestyle, including diet and other behaviors, can have an affect on her breast milk, and therefore on her baby. It's important for all nursing mothers to take care of themselves so they can provide the best care to their babies. This includes getting enough rest and proper nutrition so you have enough energy to take care of your baby and avoid illness. Tobacco from cigarettes contains a drug called nicotine, which transfers to breast milk and may even affect the amount of milk you produce.

Changing your relationship to food and eating involves a major shift in thinking, feeling and doing.

  • Get enough rest, sleep and exercise regularly.

  • Donít smoke.

  • Wear a well fitting cotton bra if you suffer tense, painful breasts.

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