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John U. Kennedy (

As per your advise I have been taking Neem guard, Panchatikta Gritha Guggul and applying Somaraji Taila on the affected areas in my body for the treatment of Psoriasis. You had invited feed back after 1 month of taking the medicines. I have lost weight (nearly 6 kg), I have become fairer. By applying somaraji taila, the pealing skin layers get cleared easily and the skin appears soft. But the process of pealing is continuing. The is no reduction in the size of the psoriatic spots. Please advise me on the future course of treatment. Can psoriasis be cured by ayurveda? Best regards.

Akash Bedi (

Wow!! what a sight! I am very impressed. As a Canadian born punjabi, I think it is excellent that the whole world is able to enjoy the benefits of Ayurveda through your website. Please keep up the good work! God Bless.

Nishav Shrestha ( )

Thank you team.

Yes, there is positive change in me and now. Now my height has increased a little bit and just 3mm is left for me to become 5'5" from 5'4". I think this medicine is working well, shall I continue using this? Thanking you.

Sendhil Arumugam ( )

The Most Informative and Useful Site in the context of Health Care.

Anwar (

It is a wonderfull work keep it up. 1st time found answer for many questions.

Dr.Prasanth.A.S (

Its a good venture. You really deserves applause.

A.Murali Krishna (

This is a wonderful website I have ever seen. Thanks that you have been rendering good service to humanity.

Dr. S. Luitel (

I am very happy after finding such type of world wide spreding programe about Ayurveda. Thanking You.            
     Dr. S. Luitel.

Pragaspathy, Steve (MLIM) ( )

Thank you very much. We did receive the parcel. The leaves were fresh and we are very happy.
Keep up your good service to the world ! We look forward to ordering more products from you. Thanks

Arimpur Jacob  Tomy (

One of my colleagues referred to me thiks site. It was found that for keeping one's health fit enough, this site provides very useful information. Thanks

Tara Chavez (

this site has opened my eyes to healing and how natural is the best and healthies way to preserve life. thank you

Kath Thompson  (

I was given the ayurveda a present.i found it very interesting.i came on the site today and learnt a lot from it.very good site .i am a vata,never heard of ayurveda till i got the kit.

Dr. Kirti  Nagwekar (

This Site Is Simply Mind Blowing For Medicos As Well As Non Medicos.

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