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Subhash R Nanjundaiah ( )

Dear Dr,

I have been taking the medications recommended by you and I have seen a remarkable improvement in my health and I am sincerely thankful to you. Please let me know for how long I will have to continue this medication.

Thanks & regards,

Subhash R Nanjundaiah

Dharani Kumari (
Dear Team, As per your advice I have started using neem guard face pack. Wow it done wonder my face i hv got back my charming skin. Very useful. And I am suggesting to my friends. Last week also I have got 5 pack of neem guard face pack for my friends. Thanks a lot for suggeting me this. Though I have bought capsules unable to take continuously. But still got good result from the face pack itself. Thanks again. Best Regards, Dharani

KK Chadha
I had severe stomach ailment four months ago and was suggested Livgood and Chitrakadi Bati by your doctor. I used this for 3 months as advised and was 100 per cent ok. This really worked wonder. I am thankful to the doctors at 

Leah (

Dear Dr.
As they say better late than never! It’s now almost two years since I sent you this email. I finally got the drugs you prescribed me Neem Guard, Surakta, Raktosodhak Bati sometimes mid last year. To be honest I had never imagined that my face would ever recover, but after using the drugs I could not believe that all the pimples on my face were gone, gone….. thanks a trillion doc at least I can now associate with other people freely and like before when I could never even attend any functions.

Mahesh Bhatia(

The contents of the site are marvellous, in breadth and depth. It is really very difficult to present such a exhaustive subject in a way and in a language that can be understood by a normal man interested in the subject matter. Congratualtions as well as thanks for presenting the ayurveda and other related subjects in such a simple manner.

Usha Devraj (

As per your advise I have been consuming Neem guard capsules -2 daily and Surakta syrup also . It is almost a month now.The eczmea problem I had around the corners of my mouth is better now than before.

Vikas (

I found this site as one of the wonderful site ever seen. Stuff i found is very useful. i trying all their suggestions. Hope for the good results 

Ramani Harit (

Dear Sir/Madam,

I went for a routine check up of blood and urine sugar. The following results were observed from the report.(Lab Report NO: 5186 dated 27/03/2007)
Fasting Blood Sugar  : 137.0 mg%
Fasting Urine Sugar   : Absent
Post Parandial Blood Sugar : 193.0 mg%
Post Parandial Urine Sugar  : Trace (1/10)g/dl

My Physician advised me to regular walking,.proper diet control. He said that he will not prescribe any medicine at this stage. He will prescribe medicine after taking one more test after a month.
I maintained proper exercise (Walking 1 hr daily) and diet control. I also started taking two teaspoons of Diabetguard thrice a day i.e before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I went for another test and results are as under:(Lab Report No: 6268 dated 02/05/2007)
Fasting Blood Sugar  : 77.1 mg%
Fasting Urine Sugar   : Absent
Post Parandial Blood Sugar : 82.2 mg%
Post Parandial Urine Sugar  : Absent
The cumulative effects of regular Exercise,proper Diet control and Most definitely DIABETGUARD have produced excellent results in my case.
While expressing my thanks , I wish your organisation great success in all your existing and new ventures.

Yours truly,
Ramani G. Harit

R. Bali ( )

I take this opportunity to give my feedback about NEEM GUARD which i have been using for the past two months. It is really an amazing product! My knees had begun paining for the past year and i was unable to climb stairs easily. This miraculously dissappeared so naturally that i was unable to fathom the reason. Then it hit me that it must be  - NEEM GUARD! My skin glows and my energy levels are on all level high!

Hats off to Goodcare Pharma and Allayurveda Team Members

Best Wishes

Dr. Manoj  Virmani (

This Web Is Very Attractive And Knowledge Provider,I Am Very Much Impressed. I Want To Visit Your Centre. I Am Practising Ayurveda From Last 11 Years. Seen First Time This Type Of Ayurveda Portal That Popularising Ayurveda.

B.P. Chawla ( )

The supplements of your company have done wonders to me. As i mentioned to you in my early emails that i was suffering from Diabetes  and lot of other complication since 1989 and in these 4 to 5 year i have been attended by the best doctors and specialists in the U.K.

Your supplements DIABET GUARD have helped me a lot to gain my confidence back to a large extent.

Once more please accept my thanks to Dr. Pahari and team allayurveda for giving me a hope to live longer. If the improvement continue like this, I am looking forward to go to work after a long gap of app. 5 years.

Anastasia Wasko ( )

To all at,

Thank you for an amazing and informative site! I contact this page often for more home remedies and to deepen my knowledge of ayurveda and daily usage.  I have found this system to be an incredible method of changing my life and regaining my health, energy, and happiness.  I have used your recipe for a face exfoliant, now I am wondering, what sort of herbs can I use to do a weekly whole body exfoliating?

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