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Research Findings

Medicinal plants in oral health care in India

Farooqi, A.H.A.; Jain, S.P.; Shukla, Y.N.; Ansari, S.R.; Sushil Kumar
(Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, P.O. CIMAP Lucknow 226015, UP, India)

Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Sciences, v. 20(2): p. 441-450,1998

Use of medicinal plants in oral health care has been reviewed under the following subheadings: plants useful as chewing sticks, plants useful in pyorrhoea, plant useful for tooth hypersensitivity, and plants for relieving gum inflammation and toothache. 84 plants with their botanical and Indian common name, distribution in India and purpose and method of use were considered. Sixteen herbal products along with their product name, manufacturer, ingredients, form of the product, and method of use and effect were tested.