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Research Findings

Role of Ayurvedic drugs in management of HIV infection - A pilot project.

Doiphode V,V; Gupte, R.B.

Proceedings of international Seminar on Comple- mentary Medicine in AIDS, Ayur, Educ. Ser.No.68, Pune, p. 72-80, February 8, 1998 '(Eng ).

AIDS patients (25 patients) here administered with Guduchi, Shatavari, Amalaki, Bhui, Kohada, Makaradwaja, vanga bhasma and abhark\bhasma in different combinations based on the principles of Rasayana chikitsa described in Ayurveda. Evaluation of the results revealed that the group "A" patients showed significant weight gain, as compared to control group. No significant statistical difference were observed in experimental or control group in the parameters observed viz., haemoglobin estimation, absolute lymphocyte count, platelet count, montoux test, and chest x-ray.