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                                         Name of the recipe - Mixed vegetables


Mixed vegetables

4 Cups cut vegetables (green pepper, green beans, white radish, carrot).      

2 Tablespoon Ghee or white oil.

Teaspoon Cumin seed.

1 Pinch hing

1/2 Teaspoon Mustered seed.

1/4 Teaspoon ajwan seed.

1/4 Teaspoon turmeric powder.

1/4 Teaspoon salt.

Method of Preparation

Wash, trim and cut the vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Try cutting each vegetable into a different shape for a nice visual effect. Heat a deep frying pan on medium heat and add the oil or ghee, then the cumin seeds, mustered seeds, ajwan and hing.When the seeds pop, add the masala or cayenne and turmeric. Stir briefly, and then put in the vegetables and salt. Stir to coat them thoroughly with the spices. Turn down the heat to low and cover. Stir after 5 minutes. Continue cooking on low for another 15 minutes or until the vegetables are just tender.

Note :

This vegetable dish has tridosh energetics. It balances agni and is laxative.A good food for bones and joints.