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 Name of the recipe - Coriander Chutney sandwiches


Coriander Chutney Sandwiches

2 pieces brown (whole-wheat) bread

2 pieces brown (whole-wheat) bread

1 piece white bread

1/2 cup grated carrot

1/2 cup grated cabbage

3 tsp fat free yogurt (optional)

3 tsp coriander-mint chutney

Method of Preparation

Mix yogurt and coriander-mint chutney thoroughly and spread a layer of it on one piece of brown bread followed by a layer of grated carrot. Cover it with the piece of white bread.

Spread a thin layer of yogurt-chutney mix on it followed by a layer of cabbage and cover it with the second piece of brown bread. Bind the sandwich with a little pressure.
Finish the sandwich by trimming the four edges. Cut diagonally into two pieces.

Place in a plate and garnish with a few leaves of fresh mint.


Recipe type: Vegetarian, fat free, cholesterol free. You can prepare the sandwich without mixing yogurt in the chutney which will give a different taste.