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Kabz Care

What is Constipation :

Constipation is caused when toxic wastes are not completely eliminated from the body.

If not taken care in the beginning itself, it may lead to host of problems later, like headache, acidity, sleeplessness, irritability and even onset of piles.

What is Kabz care :

Kabz care is packed with benefits of natural herbs in the convenient dosage .It helps to stimulate the intestine and regulates bowel movements. Kabz care is also useful in relieving constipation during pregnancy. It is safe laxative for those suffering from heart diseases, piles and also during period of recuperation after surgery as it helps evacuate bowel with minimal efforts. Kabz care a wonderful Ayurvedic formulation is extremely beneficial for everyone to get rid of irritable constipation. Just one spoonful at bedtime assures full relief.

Kabz care is safe on prolong use. It does not alter electrolytic balance of the body and is very well tolerated in most of the cases.

Each 5 gm contains :

Senna Leaves -  A very effective purgative, even for chronic constipation .

Kala Dana  - Works as a purgative.

Saindha Lavan - Increases secretion of digestive juices

Sonth  - Relieves gas and cramps in the abdomen.

Triphala  - A combination of Amla, Haritaki and Bibhitaki. It is a perfect rasayana for balancing the body. It acts as a rejuvenator and expels toxins.

Sounph   - Relieves gas and cramps in the abdomen.
Ajwain  -  Effective against gas and colic pain. Relieves intestinal spasms.

Kala Namak  -    Helps in indigestion and softens the bowel.

Nishoth  -   Relieves acute constipation and initiates bowel movement.

Vidang  -  Relieves constipation and expels intestinal worms.


Kabz care - is Nature's own solution that ensures quick relief from Constipation, Irregular Bowel Movement and allied problems.

Your best healers from the house of Baidyanath ,people know best when it comes to authentic Ayurvedic remedies



1 spoonful at bed time with warm milk or water. Dosage may be altered according to individual requirement or as directed by the physician


Present Action: It is available in a 100 gm, 200 gm pack size

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