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Gas Guard

Bloating after eating.
Gas pain
Pressure in the stomach

Eating out, missed meals, irregular timing - today's fast life plays havoc with one's digestive process. This leads to formation of gas.

Gas Guard - is Nature's own solution that ensures quick relief from Gas and allied problems. Chances are that inadequate digestion is leading to the formation of gas. This unique combination of herbs and mineral helps to prevent gas formation in the stomach.

Compositions :

Shankha Bhasma, Sonth, Nausadar, Hing, Ajwain, Kalanamak , Chitrakmool, Yawakshar ,Piplamool

Active ingredients in Gas Guard:

Sonth : 

Is a digestive, appetizer and helps in  stomach disorders.


Used as a home remedy for indigestion. It is very effective on colic pains.


Is well known as an antidote for flatulence. Acts as a preventive to germs in the stomach.

Shankha Bhasma:

Neutralizes acid in the stomach.

Your best healers from the house of GOODCARE, people know best when it comes to authentic Ayurvedic remedies.



  • Acute & Chronic vial hepatitis.
  • Liver complication due to alcohol & drugs, jaundice, hepatomegally and pre-cirrhotic conditions.
  • Toxic metabolic liver damages (e.g. fatty infiltration of liver).
  • Anoerxia, dyspepsia, malnutrition.
  • Adjuvant therapy with Antitubercular drug.


2 capsules twice daily before meals or as directed by the physician.


Presentation :

The best care for your LIVER forever.

60 capsules pack

Ayurvedic Supplements :


Livgood capsules

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