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Neem Guard

The secret of Neem
"Sarva Roga Nivarini - the curer of all ailments"

For centuries, the people have utilized the neem tree (Azadirachta indica) for its variety of medicinal uses. Neem's role as a wonder drug is traced as far back as 4,500 years ago. The earliest documentation of neem mentioned the flower, fruit, seeds, oil, leaves, roots and bark for their advantageous medicinal properties. These benefits are listed in the books at the foundation of the Ayurvedic system of natural treatment.

Neem's excellent anti-bacterial and anti- allergic properties makes it effective in fighting most epidermal dysfunctions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. Ancient ayurvedic practitioners believed high sugar levels in the body caused skin disease; neem's bitter principles was said to counteract the excess sugar in the blood.

Neem's function in skin care depends on the compounds gedunin and nimbolid in its leaf. It is noted by many observers to relieve even athlete's foot, ringworm and yeast-like fungus infections that develop internally. An anthelminic, it helps destroy and dispel parasites; in Ayurveda parasites includes worms, bacteria, yeast and fungus. It is a powerful blood purifier and helps to reduce weight in a case of obesity.

Traditionally, people bathed in neem leaves steeped in hot water. This was a common procedure to cure chronic skin ailments or allergic reactions. In India and Africa, people use the twigs of the neem tree as toothbrushes. This native practice has influenced modern dental products that incorporate neem bark extracts in toothpastes and mouthwashes.

Neem has powerful anti-viral activity with little or no toxicity. Its efficacy is due, in part, to its ability to inhibit a virus from multiplying and spreading and finds wide usage in seasonal diseases like chicken pox and measles.

The potential of the neem tree is so great as to encompass the treatment of a wide spectrum of physical ailments including sexually transmitted disease, blood disorders, chronic ulcers, digestive and nervous disorders, diseases caused by parasites such as malaria and diabetes.

Neem produces pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and fever reducing compounds that can aid in the healing of cuts, burns, sprains, earaches and headaches, as well as fevers. Several studies of neem extracts in suppressing malaria have been conducted, all supporting its use in the treatment of periodic fever.

Health restoring benefits of Neem to improve your quality of life

Neem’s role as a wonder drug is stressed as far back as 4500 years ago.

Some of its health restoring benefits are:

Effective in skin infection, rashes & pimples
Immunity booster
Anti obesity
Blood purifier for beautiful & healthy skin
Anti diabetic
Anti viral
Dispels intestinal worms and parasites
Hair disorder
Oral disorders

Start a course to NEEM GUARD today and experience the difference it makes to your life. NEEM GUARD meets the highest standards of quality and has been manufactured under stringent quality control measures.

Mahatma Gandhi and Neem

"Mahatma Gandhi, Kept the tradition of Neem alive. He was the firm believer in the goodness of Neem. The prayer meeting at the "Sabarmati Ashram" were conducted under a Neem Tree by Mahatma Gandhi and a Neem leaf chutney was a part of his everyday diet."

Clinical trial report of NEEM GUARD (A herbal preparation) as a versatile here

The Perfect Health Restoring Formulation

The unique combination of Neem, Giloy and Triphala cures and guards the body against a host of diseases.  

Neem (350mg.) (Azadirachta indica) – It is used in ayurveda for skin disorders, pimples, diabetes, tumors, obesity, arthrities, viral fevers, jaundice, as a blood purifier etc.

Giloy (75mg.) (Tinospora cordifolia) – This plant acts as an immunity booster and combats viral fever, allergies, gout, jaundice and diabetes.

Triphala (75mg.)  – A combination of Amla, Haritaki and Bibhitaki, it is a perfect rasayan for balancing the body. It expels toxins and is a rejuvenator.






Two capsules every morning with water on empty Stomach. With a regular & daily dosage of NEEM GUARD you will find the body is able to ward off many ailments to keep you healthy and improve your quality of life.



No untoward effects have been noted


Neem Guard Capsules are available in
60 Capsules pack

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Neem Guard

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