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Arth Plus Capsules

From the trusted house of ayurveda medicine - Goodcare, Arth Plus Capsules gives long-term relief in arthritis, gout, lumbago, sciatica and other joint pains. It is safe & highly effective.
Arthritis & rheumatism make it impossible to perform even the simplest functions in life, like walking & bending. Arth Plus, is a time-tested ayurvedic formulation that helps relieve in pain in your joints, hands, feet, hips & knee. Arth Plus works at the root cause of pain inside the body to give long term relief.

Active Ingrediants :  
Yograj Guggulu, Singhanad Guggulu, Sudh Kuchla, Sallaki, Nirgundi, Methi, Balamool, Erand Mool, Guggulu etc.

Pharmacological action of some active ingredients :

Yograj Guggulu: 

Yograj Guggulu is an anti-arthritic herbal supplement. Guggulu is a collective name of gum resins extracted from guggulu tree. This purifying and rejuvenating compound is used traditionally to treat inflammatory conditions, such as Osteoporosis, Bone Density, arthritis, especially rheumatism and gout. It is a powerful anti-oxidant, and stimulates the immune system's white blood cells.

Sinhanad Guggulu: 

Singhanad guggulu is one of the best formulations for relieving acute joint pains. It is very effective against vata aggravation in the joints. Its hot nature balances the vata. It also relieves acute pain in the joints due to arthritis, gout, muscle fatigue, etc. The triphala in this formulation helps manage the digestive system and regulates the normal path for vata in the body.

Shallaki : 

Shallaki or Boswellia serrata has Boswellic acid as one of the principal constituents in the gum resin, which has shown anti-inflammatory, anti-atherosclerotic and anti-arthritic activities. A natural and safe herb for optimum joint health. It gently cares for joints. Boswellia has been used extensively in Ayurveda for joint support and to provide an overall sense of well-being. Also known as "Salai Guggul," Like its cousin Guggul, Boswellia has many cholesterol and triglyceride lowering properties.

Nirgundi : 

Nirgundi has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and swelling of joints due to rheumatism and injuries.


Guggul is the most important resin used in Ayurvedic Medicines similar to myrrh, it possesses strong purifying and rejuvenating powers. It is rejuvenative for Vata, and also for Kapha. Guggulu increases white blood cell count and disinfects secretions, including mucus, sweat and urination. It increases appetite, clears the lungs, and helps heal the skin and mucous membranes - though it is more for chronic than acute conditions. It also reduces fat, toxins, tumors and necrotictissue. It is the best medicine for arthritic conditions.

Presentation :

Sealed pack of 60 Capsules pack



  • Very effective in joint pains, arthritis & gout.
  • Effective in sciatica, spondilytis & lumbago also.
  • Regular use helps subside inflammation.
  • Gives long lasting relief.


  •  No untoward effects have been noted


60 capsules pack size - 2 capsules twice daily after lunch and dinner
 or as directed by the physician.

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Arth Plus

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