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Moti Pisti

Moti Bhasma is a preparation in which all form of natural products after purification is reduced to their oxide or sulphide form while pishti is a preparation in which they are treated with rose water called Bhawnas. Purification of all form of natural products is one of the important factor and the quality of the product depends on the purification of these natural products.

Moti Pisti is made from pure pearls and rose water is very useful for the treatment of Stomach Ulcer. 


Excellent antacid, soothing, cooling and decreases excess Pitta. 


Moti Pisti is an Ayurvedic medicine and used for the treatment of: 

  • Stomach Ulcer
  • An excellent antacid gives soothing and cooling effect
  • Improves the strength of muscles and the metabolism
  • Health supplement and a high quality calcium tonic for proper care of bones
  • Revitalizes the skin and catalyzes new skin cell growth
  • In females, useful in leucorrhoea, dysmenorrheal,abdominal bleeding, menstrual irregularities & menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweat etc.
  • Effective in case of Calcium deficiency

Ingredients of Moti Pisti

Pearl (Mytilus Margaritiferus)

Moti / Pearl is a valuable mineral which contains calcium, traces of magnesium, zinc, strontium, selenium, and 20-22 amino acids which are the building blocks of every living organism. Pearl powder is a natural moisturizer. Pearl powder contains proteins which renew the skin cells, vitamin B complex and Polysaccharides which strengthen the muscles and the metabolism.

Gulab Jal (Rose Water)

Rose water is mainly used in cosmetics for its lovely scent, but also it is highly effective in preparation of ayurvedic medicines. In Ayurveda pure, undiluted and organic rose water is used to make Moti Pisti. Pure Rose Water is considered an excellent facial toner, especially for dry or sensitive skin.

Contraindications None

Pearl is extremely safe and safety. Studies on Pearl have shown it to be absolutely harmless. It can be taken by anybody for the course of a lifetime without negative side effects.



65-125 mg twice daily with Honey



No untoward effects have been noted


are available in

500 mg & 1 gm Pack size 

Prostaid is 100% safe and a natural herb

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Moti Pisti

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