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Vita-Ex Massage Oil

Combination of unique ayurvedic ingredients for strength and stamina. It builds and tomes up muscles. It is completely safe & natural Oil

Descriptions :

Vita-ex Massage oil is a formulation of several herbs known to correct erectile dysfunction. It is known to increase the blood flow to the penile tissues when applied locally and thus strengthens erectile power.

Compositions :

Malla Taila (oil) :Used in loss of strength & for vitality, poor libido, muscular atrophy.

Malkangni Taila (oil) :Used as a rubefacient & a powerful stimulant.

Sri Gopal Taila (oil) :Used as aphrodisiac.

Chandan Taila (oil) :Tones up the muscles.

Contra Indications :

No known contraindications.

Directions for use :

Massage Vita-Ex Massage Oil (take 5-7 drops) on the organs and pubic area atleast on hour before sexual intercourse or as directed by the physician.

Works best when used in combined with Vita-Ex Gold capsule, a product of Shree Baidyanath.



  • Enhances and prolongs pleasure.

  • Improves strength of the organs.

  • Increases the blood circulation to the applied part.

  • Useful in Nervine Debility, Loss of Vitality, Sexual Weakness



Massage with Vita-Ex Massage Oil TWICE DAILY or as directed by the physician.

Try Baidyanath Vita-Ex Massage Oil for Vigour & Vitality.


 Sealed pack of 50 ml bottle

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Vita-Ex Massage Oil

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