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Mahabhringraj Oil

There is a good news for people regularly affected by problems of Hair Loss. Now there is an easy & effective means to prevent hair loss by an ayurvedic hair oil called "Mahabhringraj Oil". This is manufactured by Baidyanath, India's largest ayurvedic company in India. This is safe, natural & effective. The product has gained vast acceptance and popularity in India.

Mahabhringraj Oil is scientifically prepared with ayurvedic herbs in pure Til oil. It is highly effective & excellent remedy for Dandruff. Its regular use prevents premature graying, hair fall, Sleeplessness, and headache. It keeps the brain cool.

Active Ingredients:

Bhringraj, Til Tel, Manjistha, Padmakastha, Lodh, Lalchandan, Gairik, Khereti ka Panchag, Haldi, Daruhaldi, Nagkeshar, Priyangu, Mulethi, prapondreak (Kamal Phool), Anantamool etc.
Few active ingredients of Mahabhringraj Oil :

Bhringraj :

Useful for preventing hair loss and dandruff . This plant is commonly used  in hair oil's all over the India. It promotes healthy black and long hair. 

Til Tel:

Sesame oil protect the hair, restore the hydrolipidic film and soften the scalp. 

Manjistha :

Paste of Manjistha is very effective in Hair loss, dandruff and any type of skin problem.
Lodhra Chaal:

The paste of the bark is useful to prevent premature graying and hair fall .


Mahabhringaraj Oil should be messaged with the fingertips at the root of the hair & scalp and kept for sometime before bathing or as directed by the physician.

  • Prevent hair fall.

  • Effective in preventing graying of hair.

  • Prevents Sleeplessness & headaches.

  • Removes dandruff.



  •  No untoward effects have been noted


For external use
Available in 50 & 100 ml Pack Size

             Best use before 3 years from the date of manufacture

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Mahabhringraj Oil

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