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Shriporni Oil (herbal breast massage oil)

Sriporni oil is a non-hormonal, safe herbal massage oil. Regular self massage at breast can promote healthy breast tissue, relieve pain and discomfort associated with hormonal changes.

What are the indications where “Sriporni oil" is highly beneficial?

  • Promote healthy breast tissue

  • Relieve pain

  • Reduce fibroids, cysts, aid in tissue regeneration

  • Scar reduction resulting from surgery

  • Proactive step against breast cancer

What are the main ingredients of "Sriporni Oil" and its therapeutic values?

“Sriporni Oil” is made of different herbs. Its main ingredients are: 

Til Oil (sesamum indicum), Gambhari Chhal (Gmelina arborea),  etc..

The combination of different herbs have versatile therapeutic actions like: .

Til oil (Sesame Oil / Sesamum indicum) 

Sesame oil is of vegetable origin and is obtained from sesame seeds by pressing. The sesame plant is similar in type to oil-seed rape and is cultivated in particular in the East India. Cold-pressed sesame oil is light yellow, has a mild flavor and is odorless. Hot-pressed sesame oil is darker and has a more pungent taste.

Sesame oil is generally odorless.

According to Ayurveda Sesame Oil has the ability to reduce toxins and generate tissues in human body. Sesame oil softens, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin of every part of every area of the body

Sesame Oil is the very best natural conditioner for the skin. When you rub it on, it doesn't stop at the skin the way other oils and creams do. Sesame Oil penetrates to the very marrow of the bone. On the way it gathers oil soluble toxins and takes them into the blood stream to be eliminated by the body as waste. It also neutralizes oxygen radicals, which are thought to be one of the major causes of aging.

Inflammatory processes from body insults and from natural and environmental toxins cause skin to look old, leathery, and tough. Sesame Oil molecules absorb quickly through the skin, into the tissue to stop inflammatory processes, make skin look and feel youthful, soft and resilient.

It is also helps reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients taking diuretics or beta blockers, and that sesame oil helped people with diabetes regardless of high blood pressure.

Gambhari Chhal (Gmelina arborea): 

In Ayurveda this herb is widely use for any kind of skin related disorders, reduce fibroids, cysts etc. It is also useful in lactating mothers. It is known to help in general debility specially due to indigestion & chronic illness.



15 to 20 drops oil to be massaged gently on each breast for 10 to 15 minutes 2-3 times daily. It should be massaged in upward direction. Wash the breast before breast feeding.

It is safe to a suckling baby.



No untoward effects have been noted


are available in

                                        100 ml.

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Shriporni Oil

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