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Baidyanath Arjunarishta is very safe and natural & gives excellent results in Heart & respiratory Problem. Just two spoonful of Arjunarishta twice a day can keep your cardiac problems away !

Heart attack, is caused by impaired blood supply to the heart. This is the second leading cause of death in the world. Heart attack, can occur in any person, manifests itself in various ways as a sudden episode of weakness of half of the body, confusion, slurring of speech, visual disturbance, headache, vertigo and altered consciousness, usually occurring in combination. 

What is Baidyanath Arjunarishta ?

It is a cardiac tonic. It is an excellent adjuvant in the management of chronic cardiac diseases. It is also useful in the treatment of hypertension.

Each 15 ml Arjunarishta contains :  

Arjun Chal : (More details click here)

It reduce the workload on the heart, lower blood pressure and improve Cholesterol profile. Ayurvedic practitioners consider Arjuna to be a cardio protective.

Using Arjuna herb on a regular bases will strengthen the heart to it's optimum condition. Arjuna has been used for thousands of years for this purpose with no side effects. Arjuna Rasayana is especially good for the aged and can be used for all heart conditions. This herb contains unusually large quantities of calcium. Arjuna has been described as a Cardiac tonic named 'Nadisarjja' in ancient Indian scriptures.

Draksha :

Madhuk : 

Dhai Ke Phool : 



  • Highly effective in heart diseases.

  • Useful in respiratory problems.

  • Highly effective in high blood pressure also.

  • Fruits, milk, light and nutritious food should taken with this tonic and spices, oil, stale and heavy food should be avoided. 



Take Arjunarishta 15-30 ML TWICE DAILY or as directed by the physician.


 Sealed pack of 375 ml & 680 ml bottle

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