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 The Power Of Truth for good health

It is said that if a man speaks truth uninterruptedly for 12 years, whatever he speaks thereafter will come true. The saying, at once, reveals the power of truth as also the difficulty of remaining conscious of truth consistently for any length of time.

Theoretically speaking, truth should be a simple task as the most natural thing to do. Truth about oneself is always self-evident. Our thoughts and feelings, fears and aspirations, likes and dislikes are known to us and yet, we hardly express ourselves fully and truthfully. Instead, we battle with our conscience, concoct stories and manipulate our expressions to camouflage our thoughts and true feelings. We choose the hard option driven by all sorts of fears: fear of being found out, of rejection, of losing honour, status and image. As long as the veneer lasts it is fine but the foundation underneath remains ever brittle and shaky.

Seers who reached the summit of existence have done so as they have boldly ventured onto the path of truth with conscience as their sole guide. Gandhiji’s uncompromising attitude towards truth is what made him a mahatma. In his autobiographical work, ‘My Experiments with Truth’, he unabashedly confesses his innermost thoughts and feelings, weaknesses and failings, adducing that ‘if something is shameful to reveal, it is more shameful to hide’. Those who did not know him called him a half-naked fakir. But this frail man, partially-clad in a skimpy dhoti but fully clothed in the attire of truth, was more powerful than battalions of armed men dressed in uniform.

In more recent times, a distraught middleaged woman came sobbing and fell at the feet of a sage. The compassionate saint blessed her and said – “May you enjoy a long and happy married life”. The startled woman informed him that she had just received the news of her husband’s death on the war front. Upon hearing this, the swami said the words came from him spontaneously and, hence, should be presumed to be God’s decree. News arrives that the woman’s husband was taken prisoner and that his return was imminent.

Truth is immortal. A shadow of lie can temporarily dim its illumination but only in passing. Lies, however, have a limited life and need to continuously breed and proliferate to keep up the pretence of constancy. Truth is like fresh water, cleansing the mind of sensory debris like desire, hatred, greed, jealousy, envy and animosity. Pursuing truth in thought and action, the mind attains a state of tranquillity and starts mirroring the truth of people, objects, events and situations well beyond constraints of time and space.
It also helps you keep in good health.


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