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Oelation Therapy

  • Involves saturation of the body with herbal & medicated oil via external & internal oelation to make it soft and disintegrate the doshas. Takes between three to seven days to take effect.

  • The medium used is of 4 types - vegetable oils (for external oelation), animal fat & fats from bones (for internal oelation) and clarified butter (for internal oelation).

  • Caution should be exercised in ensuring that oil used matches need of the patient.









The most commonly employed pre-procedure, it means `the dripping of oil like a thread (dhara) on the head (shiro). This treatment drips warm oil in a steady stream on the forehead, particularly on the brow and in the region between the eyes. It is often added to the panchakarma regimen because it pacifies vata and calms the central system. It cleans both the mind and the senses which allows the body's natural healing mechanisms to release stress from the nervous systems. This in turn, improves mental clarity and comprehension. Usually given for twenty minutes, three to four times during a seven day treatment period, it uses oils made with special herbs (Mahanarayan Oil, Mahamash Oil etc.) that calm and nourish the nervous system. The technician administers the oil in a thin stream which flows from a copper vessel hung approximately 6-8 inches above the patient's forehead.


Shirovasti is administered on the head through the use of a specialized leather container resembling a hat. This type of vasti improves the sensory functions. It also promotes kaphagenic secretions in the para-nasal sinus zone which reduce vascular congestion in the brain. Shirovasti is extremely useful in vascular headaches, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorders, memory loss, disorientation, glaucoma and sinus headaches.

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