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Vol-108 September 2009

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This edition of "Ayurveda Now" Newsletter contains:

Topic of the month
Immunity  Disorder "


Health for her
"Nutritional diet for women

Herb of the month
" Tulsi 
(Ocimum sanctum)

Curative Yoga
The Fish 
(Matsya Asana)

Product of the month
"Immun guard "

Supplement facts
 Research on Chyawanprash - Product for Immunity Disorder"

Ayurvedic Remedies for  -  
Immunity Disorder

Most modern diseases are caused by prolonged exposure to a combination of faulty lifestyle, food habits and toxic environmental factors. Chronic stress has a vital role in immune here to continue

 Perfect Physical Health

Curative herbs of Ayurveda
Manjistha (
Rubia cordifolia)

If you are given to anger, worry, jealousy, greed, or any other inharmonious state of mind, and expect perfect physical health, you are expecting the impossible, for you are continually sowing the seeds of disease in your mind.  Such conditions of mind are here to continue

Charaka has categorized it as varnya (improving the complexion), jvarahara (febrifuge), visaghna (detoxifier) and purisa sangra haniya (gives from to the feaces). It is effective in Acne, Pimples Boils,Eczema
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Sex & Ayurveda -
(Sixty four arts in Kamasutra)

Matsya Asana
The Fish)


According to Vatsyayan, there are Sixty four arts in Kamasutra. These are: singing, dancing, playing instruments, knowledge of foreign languages speaking here to continue

This yoga asana helps improve the immunity system against any flu, cold, cough, sinus, congestion, sore throat, diabetes etc here to continue

Effective in Premature Ejaculation, Impotency, Lack of Libido, Sexual Inability etc. 

Support normal immune fuction, Builds up Immunity to fight infection, Supports normal leukocyte function & normal Phagocytosis.

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Special Offer of the month
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