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Monthly Newsletter
Vol-96 September 2008

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This edition of "Ayurveda Now" Newsletter contains:

Topic of the month
Menstruation disorders "


Feminine Zone
Menstrual pain "

Herb of the month
" Ashoka "

Curative Yoga
The Plow
 (Hala Asana)

Product of the month
" Sundari kalp Forte "

Herbs that cure
 Curative herbs of Ayurveda"

Ayurvedic Remedies for  -  
Menstruation Disorders 

A menstrual disorder is a physical or emotional problem that interferes with the normal menstrual cycle, causing pain, unusually heavy or light bleeding, delayed menarche, or missed periods. A woman of childbearing age should menstruate every 28 days or so unless she is pregnant or moving into menopause.

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FAQ on sex & Ayurveda 

Curative herbs of modern Ayurveda
Elaichi (
Elettaria cardamomum Maton )

Proper knowledge on sex can lead to happier & more satisfying sex life.


  • Parts used: Seeds.
  • It is used in : Nausea, Indigestion,  Abdominal pain, gastritis, Bronchitis and upper respiratory infections. Halitosis

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Spiritual remedies -

Enriching your life through Solitude and Silence

The Plow
Hala Asana)

Noise certainly seems to be part of our everyday lives from the alarm clock in the morning, to the traffic outside, to the never-ending sound of voices, radio, and television.

All of the muscles and ligaments in the calves and thighs are stretched resulting in greater leg flexibility. Very effective in PMS, the throat, thyroid, parathyroid, lungs, upper and lower back pain.

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Panchakarma Therapy (Shirodhara):

Shirodhara is one of the most unique therapies available for reducing stress and enhancing cellular intelligence and immunity. Helps relieve insomnia, fatigue, tension, anxiety, anger, chronic headaches.

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