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       Vol-60 September 2005

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This edition of "Ayurveda Now" Newsletter contains:

Topic of the month
Constipation "

Feminine Zone
Relieve stress while you work "

Herbs of the month
" Senna leaves "

Curative Yoga
Vajrasana "

Product of the month
" Constiguard "

Sex & Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Remedies for  -  

A very common disturbance within the digestive tract, it restricts regular bowel movement. Since improper stool produces toxins (ama) which find their way into the blood stream and are then carried to all parts of the body, in chronic cases this problem can give way to serious diseases as rheumatism, arthritis, piles, high blood pressure and even cancer.

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Sex & Ayurveda - Kamasutra  Different posture of Love

Astrology & Ayurveda
(Planetary ailments)


Physical intimacy and sexual relation comprise the most delicate part of all the human relations. In the words of well-known author, love seems to be the fastest thing, but it is the slowest thing to grow.

Astrology & Ayurveda, scientifically study planetary movements and their effect on human constitutions and lives.

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Menu & Recipes
(Mixed Vegetable Salad)



Low fat, cholesterol free

This asana ensures proper digestion and prevents excess wind formation.

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