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Monthly Newsletter
Vol-49 September 2004

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This edition of Ayurveda Now Newsletter contains:

Topic of the month
Sexual Disorder"


Feminine Zone
" Pain during sex "

Herb of the month
"Kauch Beej
(Mucuna pruriens )"

Curative Yoga
The Bow (Dhanur Asana)"

Product of the month
" Vita-Ex Gold "

Sex & Ayurveda
 Kamasutra (marriage)"

Ayurvedic Remedies for  -  
Sexual Disorder 

Sexual activity, however, demands complete concentration and relaxation. It cannot be performed in haste and tension. People who are usually tense and over occupied are unable to follow these norms. Many Persons, therefore, suffer from sexual dysfunctions.

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Kamasutra - Marriage

Ayurveda in daily life

Marriage is a social custom that has been playing a unifying role between the cultures since antiquity. Marriage lays the foundation for a family.

In order to keep the tridoshas in a state of healthy equlibrium and digestion & metabolism (agni) in proper order, Ayurveda prescribes for each individual a specific daily routine ( dina day & acharya behaviour).

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Alternative system of healing
(Massage Therapy)

The Bow
(Dhanur Asana)

Massage reduces muscle-tension and relieves pain, opens the pores of the skin, thus eliminating poisons from the body through sweat. It also speeds up blood circulation.

Improves posture and increases vitality. Keeps the digestive and reproductive systems healthy also reduces abdominal fat.

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