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Urinary Disorder


Gokshura - 
(Tribulus Terrestris)


Chandraprabha Bati 


How to increase sperm count 

  Female sterility
  Gas & indigestion

(Purified Asphaltum)

  Hair Loss
  Premature Ejaculation

Yoga for better sex life

  Liver Disorder


  Sexual disorder

Spinach Soup - 
(Helps in urinary disorder) 

  Urinary Disorder
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Urinary Disorders

The urinary tract is made up of the kidneys, uterus, bladder, and urethra. These organs work together to produce, transport, store, and excrete urine, the yellowish fluid that contains waste products removed from the blood. Urine contains the by-products of our body's metabolism, salts, toxins, and water. Problems in the urinary system can be caused by ageing, illness, or injury.......Click here to continue

Vita-ex Massage oil is a formulation of several herbs which is helpful in erectile dysfunction. It is also known to help increase the blood flow to the penile tissues when applied locally and thus help strengthens erectile power......Click here to continue

The hydro-xycitric acid from Garcinia blocks the production and storage of fat and cholesterol in the blood when calorie consumption exceeds healthy levels.........Click here to continue

Usually, each milliliter of semen contains millions of spermatozoa (sperm), but the majority of the volume consists of secretions of the glands in the male reproductive organs......Click here to continue

Our digestive system is often inundated with poor eating habits and these habits add stress to the body. When we cultivate a regular yoga practice.......Click here to continue 


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