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       Vol-61 October 2005

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This edition of "Ayurveda Now" Newsletter contains:

Topic of the month
Skin Care "

Human Height
" Guideline for good health & proper height"

Herbs of the month
" Neem leaves "

Curative Yoga
The sun salutation (Surya Namaskar "

Product of the month
" Neem Guard "

Sex & Ayurveda
 Pain during sex (

Ayurvedic Remedies for  -  
Skin Care 

The skin reflects our overall health and acts as a barrier against the outside world, is the largest organ and is composed primarily of collagen. Collagen fibers form an elastin network that makes up connective tissues. The skins elasticity, strength and smoothness come from the makeup of the collagen fibers.

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Sex & Ayurveda - Pain during sex- Dyspareunia

Diet Planning


Almost every woman experiences discomfort during sex at some point in her life. Sexual pain can be a symptom of stress, depression, or some other psychological problem, there are a number of physical conditions to rule out before heading for the therapist's couch.

The various factors that need to be kept in mind while working out the ideal diet for each person, which will be distinctly different based on the personís specific constitutional characteristics.

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Spiritual Remedies
(Mantra Therapy)

The sun salutation


Mantras are words or syllables in Sanskrit which when repeated in meditation helps you transcend into a higher state of consciousness.

The Sun Salutation builds strength and increases flexibility. It is very good for various skin diseases also.

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