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Breast Care - Female breast 
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Termed `Madhumeha' in Ayurveda, its incidence is higher amongst the older and the obese. Originating from an absolute or relative lack of insulin, it gives way to abnormalities in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fat in the body........Click here to continue

The male obsession with female breasts is a fairly recent 
phenomenon from a historical viewpoint. In all types of ancient art medium, the female breast was usually exposed
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The bark of the tree is effective for excessive blood loss during menstruation. The dried flowers are useful in diabetes........Click here to continue


This yoga is a bending-pose that gently compresses the organs beneath the abdomen - stomach, intestine, liver, and pancreas. 
This makes the organ to start functioning as expected, thus blood glucose keeps at its normal level
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Many poisonous substances enter our body and lodge themselves in the body tissues. Some toxins are also produced in our intestine by undigested food......Click here to continue

2 packs
Safed Musli Veg Capsule
(60 capsules pack size)

USD 50

5 packs Vita-ex Massage Oil 
(50 ml pack size)
5 packs Vigor-100 stamina
(30 capsules pack size)
USD 255.00

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