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Alzheimer's disease


Ashwagandha - 
(Withania somnifera) 


Ashwagandha capsules 


Indigestion / Stomach ache

  Female sterility
  Gas & indigestion

Ajawain - (Trachyspermum ammi)

  Hair Loss
  Premature Ejaculation

Yoga for better sex life

  Liver Disorder

Diabetes in pregnancy 

  Sexual disorder

Dia Tea (For Diabetes)

  Urinary Disorder
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Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease (AD), is one form of dementia that gradually gets worse over time. Dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases. It affects memory, thinking, and behavior. Ayurveda terms Alzheimerís disease as Ismriti nasha. It caused by the depletion of dhatus or tissue elements and upward movement of the excessively accumulated Vata or bio energies.......Click here to continue

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It Keeps the head cool, helps relieve headache. Effective in sound sleep, tiredness and help prevents premature hair fall.......Click here to continue

Tagar is helpful as nervine antispasmodic and carminative for the treatment of insomnia, epilepsy, migraine, nervous cough, flatulence, etc.........Click here to continue

If youíre trying to drop a few pounds, donít start off by 
trying to overhaul all your eating and exercise habits. Youíre better off finding 
several simple things you 
can do on a daily basis
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People who have suffered and beaten cancer are willing to do anything they can to prevent the disease from returning. And that's probably a mindset everyone should adopt.......Click here to continue


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