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       Vol-57 June 2005

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This edition of "Ayurveda Now" Newsletter contains:

Topic of the month
Anemia "


Feminine Zone
Beauty tips for summer "

Herbs of the month
" Amla, Haldi, Punarnava

Curative Yoga
The knee to chest (Pawanmuktasana) "

Product of the month
" Dhatri Lauh "

Sex & Ayurveda
 Premature Ejaculation"

Ayurvedic Remedies for  -  

Anemia very common ailment, wherein the hemoglobin and RBC (red blood corpuscles) counts fall from their normal levels. The normal label of hemoglobin in male is 13.5-15 and female is 11.5-12 per 100 ml of blood and there are between 3.6 to 6.1 million red blood cells in a single cubic millimeter of blood. In Ayurveda it is termed as`pandu.  

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Diabetes in women

Ayurveda & Astrology
(Herbs to the rescue )


Young women in their reproductive life may also suffer from diabetes or pregnancy stress may increase their blood glucose level, which is called as Gestational diabetes mellitus.

To counter these negative planetary influences, Ayurveda suggests the use of multi-faceted herbs that not only provide curative relief to various physical afflictions but are also endowed with the preventive power to combat planetary interference.

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Alternative system of healing

The Knee to chest


Panchakarma - the detoxification process - is a comprehensive system of knowledge and practices to purify the body of toxins and restore it to balance with natural law.

As the stomach is pressed and then allowed to go limp in this asana. Prostate gland, the liver , urinary bladder, spleen, intestines and stomach are well exercised by it.

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