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Monthly Newsletter
Vol (XXXXVI) June 2004

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This edition of Ayurveda Now Newsletter contains:

Topic of the month
Liver Problem"

Feminine Zone
" Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Herb of the month
Phyllanthus niruri )"

Curative Yoga
Sarvang asana (The shoulder stand)"

Product of the month
" Livgood "

Sex & Ayurveda
 Kamasutra "

Ayurvedic Remedies for  -  
Liver Problem 

The most common of all ailments, this results in an increase in the bile pigments and bilurubin in the blood, giving the skin and mucus membrane a yellow tinge. And is called `Kamala' in Ayurveda

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Sex & Ayurveda
(Kamasutra )

Ayurveda in daily life

The literature of ancient India deals with a great number of scientific questions. According to ancient Hindu-wisdom, the life of a human serves has been described in various ways such as the theme of Astronomy, Geometry, Phonetics, Metrics, Grammar, Medicine, Politics etc

In order to keep the tridoshas in a state of healthy equlibrium and digestion & metabolism (agni) in proper order, Ayurveda prescribes for each individual a specific daily routine ( dina day & acharya behaviour).

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Alternative system of healing
(Magnet Therapy)

Sarvang Asana (The Shoulder stand)

A newly formed system of medicine that is gaining popularity and recognition all over, it is based on the principle that the earth is one big magnet and that all our bodies are surrounded by magnetic waves emanating from the earth and other spatial bodies including the sun and moon

Effective for Liver disorder,Excessive anger or hate, Migraine  headache,hemorrhoids, Anaemia, Hypertension, Indigestion.

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