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Vol-94 July 2008

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Topic of the month


Sex & Ayurveda
 Description of partners "

Herb of the month
Boswellia serrata )"

Curative Yoga
Anti-Rheumatic Asana"

Product of the month
" Arth plus "

Herbs that cure
 Curative herbs of modern Ayurveda"

Ayurvedic Remedies for  -  

Rheumatism characterised by intense pain and inflammation of the muscles, ligaments, tendons and / or the joints, it is termed 'Amavata' in Ayurveda. Divided into chronic muscular rheumatism (affecting muscles) and chronic articular rheumatism (affecting joints), if neglected, it may even affect the heart.

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Feminine zone
Leucorrhoea (Sweta Pradara)

Curative herbs of modern Ayurveda
Amla (
Emblica officinalis)

Leucorrhoea or whites is a condition in which there is a whitish discharge from the vagina. It may be thick and viscid, and foul smelling if it is caused by some infection.


Amla is highly nutritious and is an important dietary source of Vitamin C, minerals and amino acids which is useful in acidity, heartburn, loss of hair etc.

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Alternative system of healing
Spiritual remedies)

Anti-Rheumatic Asana

Progressive relaxation techniques combined with healing imagery can be effectively used to target the illness in mind and body and heal it.

This group of Asanas is concerned with loosening up of joints of the body.  It is excellent for those with Rheumatism, Arthritis, high blood pressure, where vigorous physical exercise is not advised.  It is useful for eliminating energy blockages in the joints.


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