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Vol-82 July 2007

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This edition of Ayurveda Now Newsletter contains:

Topic of the month

Feminine Zone
" Reduce weight by natural way

Herb of the month
Boerhaavia diffusa) "

Curative Yoga
Salutation to the sun
 (Surya Namaskar)

Product of the month
" Ezi slim "

Herbs that cure
 Curative herbs of modern Ayurveda"

Ayurvedic Remedies for  -  

In ayurveda, this condition is called medoroga. Obesity is caused by excessive fat accumulation in the body. It leads to serious health hazard affecting the functions of the vital organs like heart, liver and kidneys. It might also give way to diabetes.

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Influence of energy on health

Curative herbs of modern Ayurveda
Saraca indica )

Energy can be conductive to health and happiness or even damaging. The influence of negative energies is responsible for stress anxiety and depression

Primarily used as a tonic and rejuvenative for the reproductive system. The regular use of this herb is valuable in impotency , premature ejaculation & low sperm count in men.

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Teen health

Curative Yoga
Surya Namaskar
salutation to the sun)

It is the stage of your life when your body is changing from the body of a child to the body of an adult. Hormones, which are natural chemicals in your body, are orchestrating these alterations in your body.

This practice has a unique influence on the endocrine and nervous system, helping to correct metabolic imbalances that cause and perpetuate obesity.

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