Vol - 149 February 2013


Gas & Indigestion


Ajwain - 
(Carum copticum)


Gas Guard  



  Female sterility
  Gas & indigestion

Bael Fruit (Aegle marmelos)

  Hair Loss
  Premature Ejaculation

Foods that boost sex drive

  Liver Disorder


  Sexual disorder

Slimming Tea - for Obesity

  Urinary Disorder
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Gas & Indigestion

Indigestion” refers to any number of gastrointestinal complaints, which can include gas (belching, flatulence, or bloating) and upset stomach.........Click here to continue

It's massage is effective for relieving joints, back and ribs pain. It strengthens the nerves, muscles and bones. Because of it's effective properties, this oil is beneficial for children, adults, elderly people and women. Just rub it on affected area and do hot fomentation while rubbing for optimal benefits..........Click here to continue

Effective for acne, pimples, boils, eczema and any type of skin disorders. It is also helpful in loss of appetite, dyspepsia and worm infestations, as it is an appetizer, digestant, destroys Ama and a vermicide ......Click here to continue

Kama Sensuous love, emotional feeling of attachment. In ancient Indian thought is recognized as the stimulus of action and personified as the god of erotic love.......Click here to continue

A new research says that instead of shedding kilos, people who don’t eat breakfast may end up loading their lunch......Click here to continue

3 packs Vita-ex Gold plus 
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3 packs Musli-X Capsule
(30 capsules pack size)
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2 packs
Sri Gopal Oil
(50 ml pack size) worth
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