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How regular sex boosts your health

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“Karela Curry - effective in diabetes, lowering cholesterol
& fat”

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Acne & Pimple
Acne being associated often with adolescence is termed as 'Yuvanapidika' in Ayurveda. Vitiation of Pitta and Kapha are generally involved in the outburst of pimples. Acne due to a Pitta vitiation are generally red, soft, small and tend to be aggravated in hot weather.......Click here to continue

About seventy percent of all women have pain and cramping with their monthly menstrual cycles. However, these symptoms usually are 
not severe enough to disrupt daily life.......Click here to continue

Helps effective in Acne, Pimples, boils, eczema and any skin disorder.......Click here to continue


It helps to improve flexibility and maintain correct posture for young looks, helps reduces acne, pimples any skin disorders by keeping the blood circulation normal......Click here to continue. Most diseases and illness are usually caused by accumulated waste materials in the body. According to Ayurveda the human body is made up of Panchatattva ......Click here to continue

2 packs
Immun Guard
(60 capsules pack size)

USD 34

3 packs Neem Guard Cap
(60 capsules pack size)
3 packs Diabet Guard Cap
(60 capsules pack size)
USD 114.00

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