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Vol-77 February 2007

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This edition of Ayurveda Now Newsletter contains:

Topic of the month


Sex & Ayurveda
" Kamasutra"

Herb of the month
"Safed Musli"

Feminine Zone
Leucorrhoea "

Product of the month
" Vita-ex gold plus"

Herbs that cure
 Curative herbs of modern Ayurveda"

Ayurvedic Remedies for  -  
Sexual Impotency 

Sex is a basic instinct like hunger. Sexual activity, however, demands complete concentration and relaxation. It cannot be performed in haste and tension. People who are usually tense and over occupied are unable to follow these norms. Many Persons, therefore, suffer from sexual dysfunctions. The most common male sexual dysfunction is impotence

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Sex & Ayurveda -

Curative herbs of modern Ayurveda
Amla (Emblica officinalis)


The literature of ancient India deals with a great number of scientific questions. According to ancient Hindu-wisdom, the life of a human serves has been described in various ways such as the theme of Astronomy, Geometry, Phonetics, Metrics, Grammar, Medicine, Politics

  • One of the purest forms of natural Vitamin C.
  • Nourishes the hair, thickening and darkening it at the same time.
  • Good tonic for the eyes.

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Menus and Recipes

The bow
Dhanur asana)

Menus and recipes

Tridoshic, but pitta can go easy on the black pepper and cloves.

Improves posture and increases vitality, reduces abdominal fat, Keeps the digestive and reproductive systems healthy, effective for Bronchitis, Asthma,  Diabetes, Rheumatism Constipation etc.

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