Vol - 179 August 2015


Live a long & healthy life 


Kaunch Beej - 
(Mucuna pruriens)


Zest Men capsules & 
Zest Women capsules 


How to increase sperm count 

  Female sterility
  Gas & indigestion

(Purified Asphaltum)

  Hair Loss
  Premature Ejaculation

Yoga for better sex life

  Liver Disorder

Relieve stress while you work

  Sexual disorder

Calming Tea - (Helps in 
stress, anxiety etc) 

  Urinary Disorder
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Live a long and healthy life

Good health is a birth right of every human being. Man is born with good health. As time passes and with the change of life style & diet, - health problems crop up........Click here to continue

Vita-ex Massage oil is a formulation 
of several herbs which is helpful in erectile dysfunction. It is also known 
to help increase the blood flow to the penile tissues when applied locally 
and thus help strengthens erectile power
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The hydro-xycitric acid from Garcinia blocks the production and storage of fat and cholesterol in the blood when calorie consumption exceeds healthy levels.........Click here to continue

Physical intimacy and sexual relation comprise the most delicate part of all the human relations. In the words of well-known author, love seems 
to be the fastest thing, but it is 
the slowest thing to grow
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Humans deal with stress on a daily basis. It is unavoidable and so are the negative thoughts that arise while dealing with a nerve-wracking situation.........Click here to continue


3 packs Musli-X Capsules 
(30 caps pack size) for Vigor and vitality, increase sperm count, 
loss of libido etc

USD 117.00

1 pack
Vita-ex Massage Oil
(15 ml pack size)

USD 17.00

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