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Ayurveda Now
Monthly Newsletter
Vol (XXXVII) August 2003

This edition of Ayurveda Now Newsletter contains:

Topic of the month


Feminine Zone
" Nutrition diet for women

Herb of the month
" Jeera (Cumin Seeds)"

Curative Yoga

Product of the month
" Hazamyum Tablets "

Child Care
 How to avoid household accidents"

Ayurvedic Remedies for  -  

In ayurveda the condition of Indigestion is called "Agnimandya". It is cause by the aggravation of tri-doshas like Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The characteristic  symptoms of agnimandya is stomach upset, burning feeling in the upper abdomen, acidity, pain etc. 

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How to avoid household accident 

Spiritual Remedies

Contrary to popular belief, most accidents occur at home. They are preventable and a little care and thought can avert several serious accidents.

Spiritual therapies channelizes your energies back on the right track, by venturing deep within yourself.

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Menu & Recipes
(Mixed Vegetable Salad)


Low fat, cholesterol free

This asana ensures proper digestion and prevents excess wind formation.

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"New Product Launch"
- Anti-Stress Massage Oil

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