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Discover the liberating joys of spiritual sex:

It's wondrous, exhilarating, and true: you can use sexual pleasure as a guide to spiritual fulfillment. Not only is the sensual path to personal enlightenment enriching and joyful, but it's delightfully accessible with Tantra, the ancient sexual practice explored and impeccably researched in this lavish volume.

Encyclopedic in scope, SPIRITUAL SEX is the most complete and authoritative guide on Tantra, covering every aspect of the venerable practice - its origins and evolution as the oldest and most natural religion, its history, rites, sects, rituals, magical powers, and its exquisite panoply of Indian and Near Eastern gods and goddesses.

SPIRITUAL SEX takes you into the fascinating world of erotic beauty and wonder. Read about Shiva and the power of the erect male organ; India's temple of the sacred vulva; Kundalini, or sexual Yoga; the Kama Sutra; how Tantra has affected civilizations from old Egypt and tribal Africa to modern-day America; and the influence of Tantra on such illustrious individuals as Alexander the Great.

Looking forward to a future in which sex is increasingly accepted as a spiritual practice, SPIRITUAL SEX liberates both body and soul. A revolutionary volume sure to become a watershed work for sexuality in the coming millennium, SPIRITUAL SEX celebrates the mystical and religious aspects of sexuality while revealing the secrets that allow men and women to reach a zenith of ecstasy in divine communion.

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Discover the liberating joys of spiritual sex

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