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 Love for Good Health

You are an embodiment of love. Your real nature and deepest personality is love, not hatred. You hate because you are taught to hate. It is a superimposition. There is so much love in human beings, animals and the vegetable kingdom that it becomes difficult to consume or utilize it. You are not able to give to the objects of this world the love that you have in you and which is your real nature. The love that you give to your children, wife, husband or friends is only a tiny part of the infinite love that you are. It is the excess of love that is causing your problems. The surplus emotions in you are the cause of all your frustrations, breakdowns, suicides and diseases.

How much love can you give your children and family?
There is nothing in the world which can consume your overwhelming emotions, because you love others through your mind and that love has barriers and limitations. Because of its selfish nature the moment you give love to others it comes back with a rebound. It is reactive and not consumed. Neither your husband, wife, friends, children or anybody else can consume the emotions that are within you. Just as the rain that falls in the monsoon season can not be contained in a tank without overflow and causing disaster, in the same way, when you project your emotions onto other human beings they are not able to absorb the entire stock, so they overflow within you.


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