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Test your body type

The chart given below is designed to help you assess your personal constitution. Be honest and observant and choose based on how you are not how you would like to be. Mark yourself for trends that endure and make the assessments in relation to ethnic background. Take time to reflect on the questions and remember no one is purely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. For each factor, from the options given, put a tick over the doshic description that matches what you are or have been for most of your life.And remember, that there are no right or wrong answers.

Physical Characteristics

1 Build   2 Skin   3 Body Temperature
Thin, Light, Delicate
Medium, Enduring
Large, Solid, Powerful
Thin, Very dry, Darkish, Cool
Soft, With Freckles & Moles, Fair, Warm
Thick, Oily, Pale / White, Cold
Low, Cool Extremities
High , Feels Warm
Low, Cool to Touch
4 Teeth   5 Lips   6 Nails
Irregular, Small, Easily Cracked
Yellowish, Medium
White, Big, Strong
Thin, Dark, Dry, Cracked
Soft, Pink / Copper Coloured
Thick, Full, Oily
Short, Rough, Brittle, Dark, Lusterless
Medium, Soft, Pink, Tender
Long, Thick, Well Rounded
7 Height   8 Joints   9 Hair
Exceptionally Short or Tall (Beanpole)
Tall / Short, Sturdy
Prominent, Dry, Knobbly
Normal, Well Proportioned
Big, Well Formed, Lubricated
Thin, Dark, Coarse, Kinky or Curly
Fine, Soft, Straight, Fair / Reddish / Sandy
Plentiful, Thick, Wavy, Lustrous, Black / Brown
10 Face   11 Neck   12 Nose
Long, Angular, Chin often Underdeveloped
Heart Shaped Chin often Pointed
Large, Rounded, Full
Thin, Very Long or Very Short
Average, Proportionate
Solid, Tree Trunk type
Small, Narrow, even Crooked
Average, Neat, Pointed
Large, Rounded
13 Eyes   14 Mouth    
Small, Narrow, Sunken, Dark Brown / Gray, Dull
Average, Light Blue / Gray / Hazel, Intense
Large, Prominent, Blue / Light Brown, Attractive

Physiological Functions

1 Sweat   2 Temperature Preferences   3 Sleep
Profuse, Strong Fleshy or Sour Smell
Moderate, Present Always
Crave Warmth
Love Coolness
Dislike Cold
Light, Fitful
Sound, Short
Deep, Likes Plenty
4 Stool   5 Activity Level   6 Endurance
Irregular, Constipated, Hard, Dry
Regular, Loose
Slow, Plentiful, Heavy
Very High, Fidgety
Fast Burnout, Needs Recovery Time
Well Managed
Good Stamina
7 Sexual Arousal   8 Speech   9 Diet
Intense, Quickly Expended. Fantasizes
Strong, Desires and Actions Matched
Slow, then Passion Maintained
Fast, Talkative
Sharp, Clear, Precise
Slow, Maybe Laboured
Warm / Hot, Moist Food of Sweet, Sour, Salty Taste
Very Cold, Sweet / Bitter & Astringent Food
Light Warm, Sour & Astringent Food

Physiological Aspects

1 Thinking   2 Memory   3 Beliefs
Superficial, Varied, Low Execution
Precise, Logical, Good Planning & Execution
Calm, Slow, Steady, Organised
Fast Learning, Poor Retention
Quick Learning, Good Long Term
Slow Pick-up, Good Retention
Change Frequently
Extremely Strong Convictions
Deep, Steady, Unchanging
4 Emotions   5 Lifestyle    
Fearful, Anxious, Insecure
Angry, Judgemental
Greedy, Possessive
Busy, Big Plans
Steady, Regular

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