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Body Characteristics - double dosha body types


Their characteristics show a combination of vata & pitta, for example they often have wavy hair, caused by a combination of vatas curliness and pittas straightness. They generally have the poor circulation , though they love to eat but they will have trouble digesting large meals.

A healthy balanced vata - pitta person have a capacity for original thought, a vatas characteristic, and also expertise at application of theory, a pittas characteristic. As lightness and intensity are the common qualities of vata & pitta. Proper direction of this intensity calls for harnessing the lightness for intensive self development. When a person having imbalanced vata & pitta fear alternates with anger as a response to stress.


Pitta-Kapha people probably adjust best of any constitution to the confusions,irregularityand constant change which characterizes todays world because they combine kaphas stability and pitta's adaptability. many of the people who achieve all round success in life are pitta-kapha. Pittas active metabolism balances kaphas powerful physique to promote good health, and pittas anger is well tempered, by kaphas cautiousness to encourage good mental balance.

The ease with which they succeed in the world promotes pittas arrogance and overconfidence and kaphas smug self satisfaction which can insulate the personality totally and efficiently from all realisties other than the real

Bitter and Astringent are their best tastes.


VataKapha people tend to be tall but are average in build and most other physical qualities are just as pitta type. Vata and kapha are united in their coldness. Though they do not suffer as intensely from physical cold as do pure vata types because of the strength and insulation of kapha. They Have a double emotional need for heat.

Their lack of heat usually manifests physically as digestive disturbances, especillay constipation, respiratory disease with much mucus production is also common. They may be wary of jumping to conclutions without proper preliminary investigation.

They should use sour, salty and pungent taste foods.