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The Height Of Excitement

Shivering of hands is the first symptom that shows that the woman has reached the height of excitement. At this stage, she shows deep love and doesn't allow her partner to withdraw even when the male has ejaculated. All males must be watchful of this symptom and see that they do not begin the intercourse first. They must wait for the moment when their female partner has achieved proper lubrication of her genitals and has acquired an open posture by leaving her body loose. There are certain manual ways to reach a woman to the height of excitement. Fondling of female genitalia with skillful use of fingers is the most certain way. Many males use artificial look alike to excite their partner. Some males force their partner to have oral sex. But scriptures strictly forbid such kind of practice. They say that during intercourse, mouth of a woman is extremely holy thing. Hence, it should not be defiled by oral sex.

Beginning and end of intercourse:

Intercourse is highly sensitive thing to be enjoyed in total isolation. That is why, much significance is associated with the nuptial night and nuptial chamber. Ambience of nuptial chamber is decorated in such a way that it reflects the very mood of the occupants. It has a well-made bedstead having soft cushions, decorated with scented flowers. Air of the room is also perfumed with incense sticks. The woman is given a bath prior to sending into the room. Her body is anointed with scented oils. At some places, the woman is given mild intoxicating drink.

The male partner makes more or less similar preparations. Upon entering the room, he should occupy a place at the right hand side of the female. He should begin with stroking the hair of the bride while talking gently to her. Then he should caress her hands and hold them. At this stage, both of them may enjoy a mild intoxicating drink to do away with their shyness. The male must slowly reach his hands under the clothes of his partner and grope for the fastener. All other things like embracing, kissing, fondling, undressing and finally intercourse follow usually.

After the intercourse is over, the partners should not part with each other immediately. They must feel their presence within each other for some more time. This practice helps to attain proper intimacy between the partners. Even after separation, the partners must sit together, talk lovingly and take delicious but nutritious food and drink.

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