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Sixty - four arts of Kamasutra

According to Vatsyayan, there are Sixty four arts in Kamasutra. These are: singing, dancing, playing instruments, knowledge of foreign languages speaking generously speaking beautifully painting, calligraphy, making garlands, cooking delicious foods, making floral bouquets, ability to distinguish between true and false gems, sewing colour-making and dying, making proper estimates of the cooking materials honouring others, saving money, treating birds and animals, ability to judge craftiness and reply accordingly, proficiency in plays behaving suitably with others, prudence, keeping the body neat and clean, braiding of hair and dying them with heena.

These are all general arts that prepare a girl to be a good wife. In practical aspect that is when physical intimacy is achieved, there are sixteen arts that a young girl must learn before opening herself before her husband. These are reading others thoughts, expression of love on others, showing acceptance through bodily postures, allowing slow touching of her parts, scrating lovingly with nails and biting, undoing the fastener of the lower clothe straightening and exposing the private part, artful participation in the intercourse, pleasing the partner, feeling full satisfaction and making the partner to have similar feeling, encouraging the partner for intercourse, posing as if angry, removal of anger in a playful way, pleasing the angry partner, leaving the sleeping partner, going to sleep after the coition and concealing the private parts. 

Apart from these there are four more additional arts inducing guilt, in the partner through tearful eyes for his showing negligence to you, stopping an uninterested partner through sending down oath on him, following him if the partner does not stop and looking helplessly at the going partner.

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