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Indian Name :  Jatamansi
Botanical Name : Nardostachys  jatamansi
Family:  Valerian

Parts Use: 
Seeds and Fruits


Jatamansi  is  a medically important herb of the Indian origin used for centuries in ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine for the treatment of various ailments.  

It is a flowering plant of the valerian family that grows in the Himalayas of China,India, and Nepal.The plant  grows to about 1m in height and has pink bell shaped flowers. Spikenard  rhizomes ( underground stems ) can be crushed and distilled into n intensely aromatic amber color essential oil which is very thick in consistency. Nard oil is used as a perfume, incense, a sedative and an herbal medicine said to  fight insomnia, birth difficulties and other minor ailments.

Cultivation :  

Since 1991, wild-harvesting of, and trade in, threatened botanical drug species are subject to restrictions and prohibitions issued by the Ministry of the Environment. Several ordinances regulate the gathering, trade, and export of this botanical drug species, with the aim of protecting its natural habitats, to re-establish wild populations, and to encourage cultivation of this species. These ordinances establish restrictions and prohibitions on collecting, trading, and exporting this botanical drug species.

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Benefits of Jatamansi

  • Root of jatamansi has been clinically proved out  as a memory enhancer  and neuro-protective can be a fruitful remedy for Alzheimer’s disease.
  • The oil possesses anti arrhythmic activity with possible therapeutic usefulness in cases of auricular flutter.
  • It helps in suppressing the burning sensation due to cold potency
  • It helps  maintaining the proper stimulation of nervous system due to its sharp property and sweet taste.
  • It helps in maintaining  the circulatory system.
  • Because  of bitter  taste  it helps in expelling  out the excess mucus accumulated in the respiratory tract.
  • It helps in supporting the urine related problems.

    It is a good aphrodisiac agent.

Quality of Jatamansi  :

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