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 Why Honesty leads to good health.

If you think a little white lie never hurt anyone, you’ve got company: the average person tells one or two untruth daily. But lying can be hazardous to your health, according to research from the University of Notre Dame. People in a study who told the truth for a week had 54% fewer emotional problems (such as anxiety or feeling blue) and 56% fewer physical ailments (such as nausea or headaches) than who lied as usual. Why? Because you know it is wrong to lie, doing so goes against what you think is “right”, and builds  guilt and anxiety, explain experts. Over time, the anxiety and stress manifest as emotional and physical conditions. Subjects who began telling the truth more often also reported happier relationships and improved social interactions.

Experts also add that telling the truth in difficult situations can make you feel on top of things –you feel you can handle any thing. So fess up – you only stand to gain from it.

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