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Gymnema sylvestre)

Gurmar is a blood sugar balancing herb that slows the absorption of sugars into the blood stream and slows the conversion of sugar to fat

Reduce Weight:
Gurmar fits well into a weight-
management program because it complements exercise and dietary reform by promoting healthy blood glucose balance

Diabet guard granules

Madhumehari granules
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(Acacia arabica Willd)

Babul bark finds its primary applications in oral & dental hygiene, burn injuries and in the management of skin diseases

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(Cyperus rotundus)

Nagarmotha is widely used by Ayurveda to treat many types of disturbances caused by vitiation of pitta. It is traditionally used to quench hard throat of summers, fevers, solar dermatitis etc. It is known through experimental investigations that it exhibits marked anti-inflammatory activity.


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(Abroma augusta)


Ulatkambal(Devilís cotton) is a uterine stimulant and is specifically indicated in amenorrhoea and oligomenorrhea. Due to its pain relieving activity it is also given in Dysmenorrhoea. It is given three days prior to the onset of menses and is continued till the second day of the cycle

(Andrographis paniculata)


Digestive:Promotes Digestion.

Hepatoprotective: Protects the liver and gall bladder

Anti-acne: Protect skin from pimples.
Anti-inflammatory: Reduces swelling and cuts down exudation from capillaries.

Expectorant: Promotes mucus discharge from the respiratory system.

Laxative: Aids bowel elimination.

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(Alstonia scholaris)


The bark paste is applied locally in chronic skin ulcers. It is given in postnatal conditions to mothers for increasing lactation. It also increases digestive power and is also given in fever as an antipyretic.



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