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(Acorus calamus)

Stomach Disorders:
Calamus gives relief to heavy stomach by relieving flatulence, colic and increasing appetite. The burn roots mixed with some bland oil such as refined coconut oil or a poultice of the root may be applied over the abdomen in treatment.

Diarrhea and Dysentery:
The drug is a time-tested remedy and is an ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine for chronic diarrhea.

Its highly beneficial for asthma. It removes catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tubes. About 65 centigrams of the herb is taken every 2-3 hours in this condition.

Whopping Cough:
The powder of the roasted herb is an effective home remedy for children suffering from whopping cough. A pinch of this powder can be given with honey.

Mouth Disorders:
The herb is useful in treating mouth ulcers, coating on tongue and rawness, that is, inflammation of the skin. A small piece of the herb should be rubbed on the tongue to obtain relief.

(Fenniculum vulgare)

Digestive Disorders:
The use of fennel is well known as a digestive aid. It may be given in small quantities to help young children digest carbohydra-tes. It is also useful in indigestion, biliousness, flatulence, constipation and atonic dyspepsia. Chewing its seeds after meals prevent foul breath, indigestion & vomiting.

Fennel is one of the safest herbs for colic, for helping the baby to to release gas & relieve tummy.

Menstrual Disorders:
Fennel seeds promote menstruation and regulate monthly periods. An infusion of the seeds can be given in painful menstruation and other menstrual irregulari-ties.

Kabz Care
Saunph Ark
(Hemidesmus indicus)

Stomach Disorders:
Its beneficial for treating stomach disorders like dyspepsia and loss of appetite. The powder of the roots is given in doses of 1 to 6 grms with milk in these condition.

Genito-Urinary Disorders:
The herb is very useful in syphilis, leucorrhoea and other genito urinary disease. A decoction of its roots is to be administered in 60-90 ml doses thrice a day. A syrup made from its roots is an effective diuretic.

A paste of its roots is applied locally in treating swellings, rheumatic joints and boils.

Hair Tonic:
The herb contains a hair-growing hormone. A decoction of the root, used as a hair wash promotes hair growth.

Raktoshodhak Bati
Sarivadi Bati
(Picrorhiza kurroa)

Cirrhosis of Liver:
Its a choice of drug for cirrhosis of the liver among adults in ayurveda. Its root is given in powdered form. A teaspoon of the powder, mixed with an equal amount of honey is administered daily.

Its beneficial in jaundice also.

Very useful in dyspepsia. It strengthens the stomach and promotes its action, while improving appetite and stimulating the secretion of gastric juice.

Its beneficial in the treatment of ascites, a disease characterized by the accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity of the abdomen. About 50 grms of the herb is boiled in 200 ml of water till 3/4 of the water has evaporated.

(Nardostachys jatamansi)

Nervous and Convulsive Disorders:
It can be used in the treatment of several nervous and convulsive disorders such as hysteria, epileptic, fits and certain disturbance caused by menopause. It acts as a tranquilizer.

Intestinal Worms:
Its very useful for Intestinal worms. It can be given to children with a purgative like jalap.

Menstrual Disorders:
The herb aids menstruation and regulates the menstrual cycle. It is specially useful in dysmenorrhoea - that is painful and difficult menstruation.

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