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 Happy mind, healthy body

Our mind and body collectively from us. We cannot separate one from the other. Our body is that part of us we can see while the mind is the part we cannot see [although we can perceive its effects, as it provides sense to various organs of material body]. That each affects the other is a fact that we cannot refute.

Each thought affects the body even before it comes into action. Hence, it is advised to think healthy to be healthy. A healthy mind reflects healthy thoughts, healthy thoughts create healthy action. And healthy action is a sign of a healthy body. Such healthy actions are responsible for us to be successful and enjoy higher purposes of life.

Reactions indicate nature

Our mind has two sides the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind creates impressions on the subconscious mind of what it sees and observes when we are awake. All this is then processed under the thinking mechanism, which depends upon past experiences of an individual. This decides how an individual will react either physically or mentally to an external stimulus. Since every individual has different reactions, we have different behaviours, natures, likings and aversions, diseases and predispositions. And disease is, after all, a reaction to a noxious cause. If we throw a stone at a crowd, each person in the crowd will react differently. Someone may get startled and lean to protect himself. Another one may try to catch the stone. The third one may pick up another stone and throw it at us in reply. Fourth one may not even notice the stone till it injures him. All these physical reactions indicate the nature of that person.

The first person may be timid, active and frightful; second one may be brave, receptive; third one may be irritable, violent and fourth may be dumb, unobservant, and slow in reacting. This basic nature can be confirmed through various other experiments with the same individuals. But what this experiment shows is that physical reaction depends upon mental state and thinking of that individual.

Mind and disease

Every Physical disorder has a psychological background. So it becomes necessary to study the mental state and investigate it even in physical disease. We should observe the changes in our emotions and behaviour during illness as well. Such experiences are the only proof of this fact

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