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 Good health through fruits

The definition of good food in Ayurveda is that which tastes good in its raw, natural form without salt, spices and condiments. It should be available naturally, and be easily digestible. Seasonal fruits are, therefore, good. Fruits provide energy and have curative properties. They help in healing and prevent diseases if taken regularly. A recent study showed that fruits and vegetables was helpful in reversing Type II diabetes by improving the functioning of the pancreas. The golden rule is that seasonal fruits grown where you live, are best for your health. Eat the following according to your health:

Fruits good for digestion:

Almost all fruits relieve constipation if eaten with the seeds and skin. The fibre in fruits binds stools, absorbs moisture, thereby softening stools and giving them bulk.

Fruits for the heart:

Potassium in bael, cherries, cheekoos, sweetlime, loquat, peaches, and phalsa and magnesium in banana, mango, and plums protects the heart and lowers high blood pressure.

Fruits for diabetics and asthamatics:

Very sweet fruits like banana, cheekoos, grapes, and litchis are not recommended for people who have diabetes or respiratory problems, yet certain fibre-rich fruits are safe if eaten in reasonable quantities. Phalsa, guava, loquat, prunes, ber, papaya, sour pomegranate, cherries, and amla can be eaten.

Fruits that promote urination:

Watermelon, muskmelon, white pumpkin, and green coconut water can be taken.

Fruits for arthritis:

Fruits that cause urination reduce swelling of painful joints by reducing uric acid levels in the blood. Cherries and walnuts are good.

Fruit colours:

Red fruits are energisers and include apple, pomegranate, red grapes, dates, sapota, and watermelon. Yellow fruits are appetisers and provide natural vitamin A for eyes and skin (papaya, mango, loquat, oranges and pineapples). Green fruits boost immunity. These are amla, grapes, bael, and green almonds. Purple and violet fruits give a feeling of contentment (phalsa and red grapes). Rich antioxidant fruits include mangoes, black grapes and currants. These fight diseases associated with age. Eat or drink only freshly cut fruits and juices. Oxidation begins immediately after cutting and keeping fruit exposed leads to microbial contamination. Eat fruits with skin and, wherever possible with seeds for roughage. Fruit juice is good for convalescents because they can consume larger quantities in an easily digestible form.

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