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Fresh natural toners for summer

A good toner is a non-alcohol refresher that helps remove the residue of all the previous procedures. It refines the pores and tautens and tones the skin, making it ready for moisturizing treatment. Aftershave is basically a toner. However, because most aftershaves are primarily made of alcohol and perfume, they damage the skin by disturbing the recovery of the mental which is destroyed by shaving soap and razor blade. The alcohol will further dry the skin. Rather than such abrasive products, try using mild astringents or essential oil mists. Apply toner with cotton ball or spray on with a hand pump mister.

Try one of the following toners, selecting one on the basis of your skin condition. 

  • For Normal skin, combine4 witch hazel with a equal amount of an herbal tea or floral water. Suitable herb teas include comfreys, elder flower or rosemary. Nothing tops really high quality rose water.   

  • For dry skin, use pure rose water.

  • For oily skin, use Tulsi water or a mixture of equal amount of witch hazel with cilantro, fennel, dead nettle or herbal tea. 

  • For mature skin, use equal amounts of witch hazel with either Tulsi or rose water.

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